Kellan Adkins

Kellan Adkins

Meet Kellan Adkins


Kellan Adkins hails from Ocean City, Maryland and attended college in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1990, Kellan Adkins graduated from Bauder College with an Associate of Arts Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Small Business Management.  In 1993, she moved to Raleigh, North Carolina and then to Cary, North Carolina in 1995. While maintaining residency in Cary, Kellan and her family spent 9 years living in Asia. Because she moved from Tokyo, Japan then to Hong Kong, China, and finally Shanghai, China, Kellan gained a very unique understanding of the importance of cultural relationships both personally and in business. As Assistant Director of Admissions at Concordia International School Shanghai, her role focused on Marketing the school and all it had to offer in a very competitive field of schools to choose from.

Upon her return from Asia in August 2008, Kellan has concentrated primarily on Executive Assistant/Marketing roles with several Cary-based businesses. Kellan is also the Co-Founder of Bridge the Gap Mission. After years of volunteering in Asia, she found that due to stricter regulations involving young children and volunteering in the United States, she set out to start her own charitable organization so younger families could volunteer together.

Today, Kellan concentrates her efforts at McCollum Law, P.C. assisting Mr. McCollum and Mr. Thomas, building relationships with clients, referral partners as well as Marketing the firm. She is very passionate about her job and truly enjoys sharing about all that McCollum Law P.C has to offer.

When Kellan is not working or volunteering, she enjoys traveling, Pilates, eating her husband’s phenomenal cooking creations and spending time with her beloved family. Her favorite title is Grandma!



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